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Fill in our booking enquiry form to get a quotation today. We will get back to you within 3 working days.

Alternatively, you can call us on 2323 3830. Or email us to get more information.

Our prices vary depending on peak and off-peak periods.
We may also be able to give you big discounts depending on your booking requirements and budget. So talk to us today about your next event!

Booking Procedures

  • Request Your Dates – Let us know when you would like CORE to host your event and we will place a tentative booking
  • Confirm Your Booking – We will send you a booking form that you complete with the details(e.g. date, attendees, catering) and return to us and then we will reply confirming that the dates are reserved for you
  • Confirm the Details – We will contact you at least a week before your event to confirm the details
  • On the Day – We will have our staff meet your event facilitator and run through the session times and catering. We can help with orientation of the venue and we will meet and greet your attendees. Our technical support will be on stand-by
  • Payment Terms – We accept pre-payment via cash, direct transfer, cheque and EPS

For bad weather, please see our bad weather agreement.

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